Meet The Counselor

Founder & Licensed Addiction Counselor

Jeny Rodrigue, MS, LAC, CCGC, CCTP, ICAADC, SAP has worked in the field of addiction since 2012. She understands that everyone needs an individual plan that reflects their life goals. Jeny works with you to discover your needs. She is a Licensed Addiction Counselor in both Louisiana and Georgia. Her ideal client is an individual who is seeking real change. In the course of sessions, she wants you to discover what works for you! Her goal is not for you to come to weekly sessions until the end of times, but to see you thrive!

Jeny is certified in trauma and gambling treatment. She is also a qualified Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional. Jeny provides substance abuse education classes for individuals and companies. She enjoys helping people reach their full potential. Most of all, Jeny believes in treating all people with professionalism, positivity, and purpose.

Jeny Rodrigue, MS, LAC, CCGC, CCTP, SAP
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